To have some positive vibes through symbolic systems, I am sharing an image with context daily. This will remain as long as I am quarantining. Please feel free to connect through this spacetime game.

This game, daily presentation of A5-collages, is my way to deal with COVID-19. In this project, I bring the tarot in relation to ancient masks; art objects with religious significance. Through it, I reflect using documented knowledge. During the process, I worked with multiples of 22 that represents an object/subject relation; to which I refer to as documents with spirit. This approach derives from The Great Arcana, a collection of 22 cards that’s part of the tarot. Arcana indicates “secret.” In my ritual of production, the secret is that artist, co-producers and you are in conversation. This “illusional reality” of connectedness gives shape to this process. 

The Other and I interact as production community. Through this relation, the past is involved in the present. Since you’re joining… in this moment of encounter, we are connected in the future event that these documents symbolizes: a space of togetherness.