Movement in Lines

A proposal co-curated with Yhuri Cruz as ‘negrotivities’ performed at Despina. The event Movement in Lines: performing ‘negrotivities’ took place as presentation that closed my four weeks curatorial residency in Rio de Janeiro (May 2 – May 31, 2022). On May 31st, the public witnessed bodily conversations that celebrated performative gestures of the correlation between Self and Other and in relation to questions participating artist are dealing with; concerning race, gender, class, and place among other territories of experience.

"We are celebrating our artistic freedom as a political space in conversation with ancestors" - tumpi flow

In the event I co-curated with artist and writer Yhuri Cruz, we invited Brazilian artists. Both of us performed with Almeida da Silvia, Azizi Cypriano, Mayara Velozo and Vicente Baltar. During this encounter, I explored artistic and curatorial conversations with the aim to contextualize experiences of my performance persona @tumpiflow, focusing on social urbanization and what is known (and recognized) as “favela”. I was especially interested in knowledge distribution and social activities as political forces.

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